The Championship Of England. Bolton - Manchester United

The Championship Of England. Bolton - Manchester United"Bolton" - "Manchester United" - 1:1 (0:0)"Bolton: Jaaskelainen Bergsson, N-Gotti, Charlton, Campo, Mendy (Barnes, 81), Lavil, Okocha, Gardner, Djorkaeff (Nolan, 85), Pedersen (Bellestar, 57)"Manchester United: Barthez, Gary Neville, Brown (Phil Neville, 74), John O'shea, Ferdinand, Beckham, Giggs (Forlan, 57), Veron, Keane, Van Nistelrooy, Collserola: N-Gotti, 61 - solskjГ¦r, Fredericia: Campo, 43 - Keane, 28.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

What eventually will happen with Morientes?

What eventually will happen with Morientes?Sticky situation faced by the striker of real Madrid's Fernando Morientes, is likely to be brought to an end at the conclusion of the season. As you know, Morientes became the best scorer of the Spanish national team at the world Cup. However, in spite of this not unimportant fact, it seems that he came not to the court of the coaching staff of real Madrid after joining the team of star Brazil striker Ronaldo. This season he is only three games out on the field in the starting lineup of your team.It should be noted that a lot of teams have shown interest in Morientes during the winter transfer window. In particular, wished to see Morientes in the ranks of the Italian "Roma" and the English "Tottenham". At the moment, as the player himself and the leadership of the "Royal club" is ready to get serious about resolving this situation in the end of the season. Читать полностью -->

Vistula offers Lazio to play in pЕ‚ock

Vistula offers Lazio to play in pЕ‚ockWisla has proposed to conduct delayed the second leg of the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup with Lazio to use the arena club from the city of Plock, playing in the highest Polish League. Field of the Wisla covered with special tarps and exposed to intense defrosting using hot air streams. The current state of the lawn when it is controlled electronically.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Italy reduces the number of players, representing the EU

Italy reduces the number of players, representing the EUThe Italian government approved a resolution on reducing the number of players, not representing the EU in the first and second divisions of the Italian championship by 20% over the next three years.The aim is to give a chance to young Italian players and force the giants of football to spend more money on their doubles.Last week the Football Federation of Italy has decided to allow clubs to purchase only one additional player who is not a citizen of the EU. It is interesting to note that at this point in both divisions of Italy are about 170 such players, including stars such as the Brazilian Rivaldo, Batistuta Argentina and the Japanese Nakamura and Nakata.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Germany - Lithuania: match stats

Germany - Lithuania: match statsGermany - Lithuania 1:1 goals: Ramelow, 8 Razanauskas, hairmania: Kahn, Frederick, Ramelow, VTRs, Rau (Freyer, 82), Schneider, Hamann, Frings, Btme (Roemer, 46), Bobic (Kuranyi, 72), Closewith: Stauce, Debra, Baras, Zwirzdauskas, ЕЎemberas, Petrenko (Dauksas, 87), Maureen, Razanauskas, Mikalajunas, Palletizes (Mikulevicius, 46), Jankauskaiteeeee: Rau, 23 - Petrenko, 49; Maureen, Buda: Esquinas Torres (Portugal)on March 29. Nuremberg. "Frankenstadion".. . . . Читать полностью -->

The report on matches of the championship of Germany

The report on matches of the championship of GermanyWolfsburg - Energycompany started the match for the health and already on 7 - Oh to minute the forward "Wolfsburg" Tomislav Maric led the team forward, but has not passed also minutes as a once-promising footballer "Bayer', and now the player, Energie Paulo rink equalized. After 10 minutes the home team is not against the rules to stop in the penalty all the same Rink, and Laurent-Aurelian Reghecampf is not missed from the penalty mark. The home team did not suit such developments, and they went forwards, which resulted in goals. First in the 29th minute of Roy Prager restored the balance, and then the efforts of the Brazilian striker Robson Ponte, the score was 3 - 2. Ten minutes before the end of the match, unable to cope with his nerves, was deleted midfielder, Energie Zsolt low.Hertha Berlin - Munich V this match Berlin "Hertha" was able enough to frolic over 1860 Munich. Duplicates Brazilian Marcelinho and Michael Preetz were decisive in the defeat by Bayern. Читать полностью -->

In the composition of the Dynamo may receive the player of the London Arsenal and the national team of Latvia Igor Stepanov

In the composition of the Dynamo may receive the player of the London Arsenal and the national team of Latvia Igor StepanovHowever, this transfer requires one condition. Arsenal interest in defender, "Leeds" Danny Mills. If the latter will sell the player, then the Londoners will leave the Baltic.In addition to Dynamo Stepanov claims another capital club ? "Spartak"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Fenerbahce offered Revivo new contract

Fenerbahce offered Revivo new contractIstanbul Fenerbahce unexpectedly offered Haim Revivo new contract and position in club management. Still recently it seemed that the 30-year-old Israeli midfielder calmly go to Hamburg to end his football career. Everything changed after the leader of the Istanbul team Ariel Ortega had a fight with the club owner. Apparently, the Argentine in Turkey does not intend to return.While Fenerbahce will almost certainly lose and Revivo. At least until the Israelite from the new proposal refused and is still going to go to Germany. And if the club will not pay the old debt of approximately a million dollars, a veteran is going to cause him a lawsuit.. Читать полностью -->

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